About us

Executive committee

The Executive Committee comprises directors from all the Group’s business units.

olivier peyrat
Olivier PEYRAT


Sophie Marain
Sophie MARIN


Vincent GILLET



Director of Standardization Business

Isabelle RIMBERT

Deputy Director of
Standardization Business

isabelle sitbon
Isabelle SITBON

Director of
Publishing Business


Director of
Certification Business

Pascal Prévost

Director of Training
& Consulting Business


Director of
International Business


Director of
Human Resources

Jean-Philippe SUZANNA

Chief Financial

Legal organization

The AFNOR Group is supported by an associative structure, the French Standardization Association, which features several subsidiaries organized as follows :

legal organization afnor

Board of Directors

AFNOR, a registered not-for-profit association, is administered by a Board of Directors with no more than 30 members, who are appointed in such a way that the various interested parties are widely and fairly represented :

Key Figures

Business Report

Group values

As part of its mission to serve the general interest and foster economic development, the AFNOR Group’s actions are guided by four values : teamwork, responsibility, trust and quality.

Picto4Laying the foundation for economic and social exchanges, trust results from proven processes that we have been implementing on an everyday basis since 1926. Our position as a trusted third party requires strong commitments in relation to the integrity of our employees, the transparency of our actions and the openness and involvement of the relevant stakeholders to ensure the impartiality and independence of our activities.

Picto3Quality is a constant requirement for AFNOR and every one of the men and women who work within the Group. Quality is a challenge that we share with our clients, our partners and a wide range of stakeholders, as part of an ongoing drive to achieve progress and stay ahead of the competition. We view quality as a timeless value that paves the way for the future.

Picto2Our activities focus on major issues in society and contribute to building a safer, more responsible world. Our governance and decision-making methods are based on a long-term approach and consider the sphere of influence with which we are interacting.

Picto1Encouraging teamwork and networking is part of our DNA. Supported by an associative structure, our Group draws on its resources to develop its activities to serve the general interest. As part of an extensive network of players, we encourage individual expression to build a better, shared outlook.

Corporate responsibility

The AFNOR Group strives to apply the rules of socially responsible conduct that it promotes in its various relations, whether social, economic or environmental. The Group has decided to pursue improvement strategies in response to three key challenges :

Take action to protect the environment

The AFNOR Group spearheads a number of actions to protect the environment with four focus areas: improve the energy performance of its buildings, encourage sustainable procurement, reduce travel and collect waste to encourage recycling.

Contribute to quality of working life

The AFNOR Group is committed to improving the quality of working life through four action areas: promote gender equality, improve access to employment, respect diversity and raise awareness of disabilities.

Strengthen regional presence

Access to employment and support for local students, as well as participation in the Intercompany Transport Plan in La Plaine Saint-Denis. The AFNOR Group is actively involved in the local community.


The AFNOR Group delivers its expertise around the world and in France with 13 decentralized sites in 12 regional delegations.


1926… 2016 : ninety years is plenty of time for building trust ! In-depth look at the AFNOR Association’s key dates